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IHI Included in Sompo Sustainability Index

IHI Corporation announced today that Sompo Asset Management Co., Ltd., has included the company in the Sompo Sustainability Index.

This benchmark covers around 300 companies undertaking excellent environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives. The firm uses the index for Sompo Sustainable Management, a vehicle for pension funds and institutional investors that invests in an array of companies with high ESG ratings.

A key goal with this product is to help long-term investors amass assets. It does that by assessing corporate value from long-term perspectives, revealing management qualities and risks that financial statements do not present. Every year, Sompo Asset Management reviews stocks it selects for its index in light of a survey that SOMPO Risk Management Inc. conducts.

In keeping with IHI Group ESG Management, which it announced in November 2021, the company has made ESG central to its values, and contributes to economic progress by resolving the issues of customers, industry, and society.


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