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IHI Receives Methanation System Order from NGK Insulators

IHI today announces that it recently received an order from NGK Insulators for a methanation system that synthesizes e-methane from carbon dioxide and hydrogen, one prospective application being city gas.

NGK Insulators will use the system in tests to assess the feasibility of carbon recycling, using e-methane produced with carbon dioxide recovered from a plant furnace to fuel that facility. IHI plans to deliver the system in December 2024.

IHI Receives Methanation System Order from NGK Insulators

IHI commercialized its methanation system in response to companies needing to test methanation equipment operations at factories and business sites in pursuing carbon neutrality. A standardized design cuts installation costs and shortens delivery times. The system’s small footprint makes installation easier and allows users to expand methane production by installing multiple units.

IHI can augment this system with its IHI group Lifecycle Partner System environmental value management platform, which records and presents carbon dioxide emissions and reductions calculated from operational data with blockchain technology, converting that information into environmental value and distributing it to external markets. That approach makes it possible to quantify the environmental value of e-methane and convert it into a digital asset to foster commercial methanation.

IHI will help materialize carbon neutrality by 2050 by providing engineering services that combine a range of carbon recycling solutions. These include carbon capture technology and techniques to produce low-grade olefins, which are raw materials for plastics, from carbon dioxide.


System Specifications
Process: Sabatier process
Reactor type: Shell-and-tube
Synthetic methane production volume: 12.5 normal meters cubed per hour (low load operation also possible)
Enclosure dimensions: 2,250mm (W) x 6,100mm (L) x 2,850mm (H)

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