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IHI will be participating as a panelist at the international space business conference ”SPACETIDE2024” as a panelist

IHI will join to international space business conference ”SPACETIDE2024” as a panelist.

“SPACETIDE2024” is an international conference specialized to space business, held by SPACETIDE Foundation (Address: Minato-ku , Tokyo; President: Masayasu Ishida). The theme of this 9th conference is “From APAC to the World : Uniting Diverse Communities”. Approximately 50 sessions will take place with “world and APAC”, “security”, “commercial space”, and so on.
IHI will participate in the following panel discussions on the theme of "Security and Safety x Space Industry".

Date of panel:2024/07/08 16:00~18:10
1. 2024/07/08 16:00~16:50 [Can We Find Winning Strategies for the Diverse Needs of the Rocket Market?]
2. 2024/07/08 17:20~18:10 [How Will Next-Generation Satellite Solutions Revolutionize the Maritime-Related Technologies and Markets ?]

IHI has positioned the aero engine and rocket sector as a growth business in "Group Management Policies 2023", and is advancing initiatives to utilize data from space, land, and underwater. As part of this, IHI has been working on the "Development and Demonstration of Maritime Domain Awareness Technology Using Communication Satellite Constellations for Ships" under the Economic Security Important Technology Development Program(note1) from April 2023, with the aim of enhancing ship monitoring using satellites. This involves the development of Satellite VDES(note2), a next-generation maritime communication infrastructure that enables the capture of ship location information and mutual communication. In addition, towards the social implementation of Satellite VDES, in 2022, we established the "Satellite VDES Consortium" in collaboration with MOL Techno-Trade, Ltd., FURUNO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd., ArkEdge Space Co., Ltd., TST Corporation, Japan Radio Co., Ltd., Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and the Ocean Policy Research Institute of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation, and as the chair, we are promoting the activities of the consortium.

At this year's "SPACETIDE 2024", which will be attended by over 1,200 people from 30 countries, we will introduce solutions using Satellite VDES. By doing so, we aim to promote the implementation of Satellite VDES worldwide and advance the realization of a safer and more secure maritime environment

In addition, IHI will be Launch Service Provider by Epsilon Launch Vehicle, in order to expand the access to space.


Conference Detail
Conference Name: SPACETIDE2024(2024/7/8~2024/7/10)
Note:Please check detail of SPACETIDE from below.


1. A program led by the Cabinet Office and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to promote research and development of cutting-edge technologies that are important for economic security.
2. Satellite VDES (VHF Data Exchange System) is an extended system of the AIS (Automatic Identification System), which is already widely used for ship operation and maritime traffic management as a device for reporting the position of one's own ship. By using satellites, it can transmit and receive on a global scale, and its mutual communication function enables coordination even on the high seas.

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