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FY2024 Greeting message to new employees from the president Ide 

Today, Hiroshi Ide, President of IHI Corporation, instructed new employees through video. The summary is as follows.


[1.IHI Group’s Vision for the Society and our Initiatives in FY 2024]
The IHI Group is engaged in ESG management, which aims to solve social issue through business activities and realize sustainable society based on the two management philosophies of “Contribute to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”. Through ESG management, we aim to create a society in which all people, including future generations, can live prosperous lives with peace of mind. The IHI Group celebrated its 170th anniversary on December 5th last year. I believe the IHI Group has been able to continue its business for 170 years because we have been able to enrich people’s lives through technology. As a technology company, we believe that our mission is to help people lead more affluent lives in harmony with nature.
The IHI Group is implementing its mid-term management plan, "Group Management Policy 2023,"with the aim of realizing" Create a world where nature and technology work in unity”.
Under this policy, we aim to solve issues faced by customers, industry, and society, and we will transform each business by providing value throughout the lifecycle, building the entire value chain, and working from multiple perspectives to enhance value, while leveraging the IHI Group's technology and wisdom. At the same time, we are reforming our business portfolio by boldly shifting management resources to growth and development-focus businesses.
The framework of our business transformation is to further strengthen our core businesses in the fields of Resources, Energy and Environment, Social Infrastructure, Industrial Systems & General-Purpose Machinery, and to develop the clean energy field as a future business that is twinned with aero engines, while the aero engine and rocket fields are driving growth.

In addition, we will actively promote talent development and its acquisition to implement our transformation and the advancement of our digital infrastructure. I myself will take the lead in pursuing our goal and the transformation.

The first point I expect from you is a sense of speed. As you know, the international economy and market environment are changing drastically day by day, we need a sense of speed more than anything else. Therefore, please have the courage to keep trying without fear of failure.
The second is a sense of scale. The IHI Group aims to build an entire value chain in a variety of fields. In order to create business together with global players in addition to "a sense of speed," a "sense of scale" is important. To draw up a big vision and realize what we have to achieve is something that our predecessors have accomplished.
It could be difficult for you to develop a sense of speed and scale alone. However, we have colleagues in the IHI Group who support you. I hope that the ideas and actions of each one of you will lead to the creation of new value for the IHI Group.

Again welcome to IHI Group!

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