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Corporate Governance

Basic Principles

IHI defines corporate governance as a system that assures sustainable growth and maximization of corporate value by enhancing management efficiency so that IHI can leverage its innate capabilities to the fullest extent possible. To achieve this, IHI targets efficient and appropriate internal decision making by clearly separating management monitoring and supervisory functions from functions related to their execution of duties. Furthermore, by establishing the relevant internal rules and building a system to administer them, IHI ensures appropriate operations across the entire Group.

Basic Policy on Corporate Governance

  1. Respect shareholders’ rights and ensure equal treatment
  2. Strive to cooperate appropriately with shareholders and other stakeholders
  3. Fulfill our responsibility to be accountable to stakeholders and ensure transparency by appropriately and proactively disclosing information relating to the Company
  4. Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the audit & supervisory board members and the Audit & Supervisory Board to enable them to adequately fulfill their management monitoring and supervisory functions
  5. Conduct constructive dialogue with shareholders who have investment policies according with the medium-to long-term interests of shareholders

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