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Life associated equipment

Our products serve in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, airports, train stations, and factories. We manufacture ozone deodorizers and disinfectors, accommodating rising demand for deodorization, sanitization, dust removal, and cleaning applications.

Industrial Furnaces

  • Ozone clear BOX

    The industry's first product using ozone to disinfect a large quantity of cloth quickly and safely. Various products are available to meet customers' needs for individual facilities.
  • Ozone air cleaner “eZ-3000”

    This unit has two functions: A function to clean the air taken into the machine with ozone that has little affect on the environment and human body and with a multiple filtering system, and an ozone fumigation function to disinfect and deodorize the air in a closed area.
  • Slipper disinfection dispenser

    Whole inside of slippers are uniformly disinfected using ultra violet rays to maintain
a disinfected condition. With compact design, the equipment may be installed anywhere at will.

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