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Logistics Systems

IHI pioneered and is a leading company in numerous areas of logistics such as automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), transportation system, and sorting systems. Our ASRS can be used at temperatures as low as -60°C, or store hazardous materials. We also provide transportation system for clean rooms. These systems are used in logistics, food, and chemical industries. We draw on our expertise to provide comprehensive logistics solutions.

Automated Material-handling Systems in a Clean Room

Storage Systems

  • Automated storage / retrieval system

    A wide ranging product line-up covering special environments such as freezer, clean, explosion proof, and special items such as dangerous objects, heavy items, long items and roll type objects will meet customer needs.
  • Automated storage / retrieval system for hazardous substances

    This Automated storage / retrieval system can store products, half-finished products, and raw materials that are categorized as class 2 and 4 dangerous objects. Through centralized management, the safety, storage efficiency, warehousing and shipping efficiency can be improved.
  • Automated storage / retrieval system for roll

    The vertical storage for steel coils and roll paper enables reduced storage space, accelerated carry-in and -out times, and enhanced inventory management accuracy.
  • Automated storage / retrieval system for long items / heavy items

    This type of automated storage is capable of storing timber, other long materials and molds and other heavy items weighing more than 10 tons.

Transportation Systems

  • Automated guided vehicle “Factliner”

    IHI offers a wide variety of automated transportation systems such as magnetic guided systems, laser guided systems, transportation systems with load transfer mechanisms, motor-driven systems, and charging-type systems. With such a rich line-up, IHI can suggest an Automated guided vehicle most suitable for individual customer needs.
  • Conveyors

    Conveyers are crucial logistics system components. IHI supplies various conveyers to meet various requirements in terms of size, weight, shape, environment, and use of what is conveyed.

Sorting Systems

  • Sorting system “Zip Sorter”

    This sorting system quickly sorts items of various sizes to meet various market needs such as sorting small lots for a large number of item types, handling of frequently distributed items, and handling of peak item volumes.
  • Digital picking systems

    The picking volume is digitally displayed for ease of recognition, which helps speed up work.
    The simple structure helps limit the cost of installation and facilitate additional installation.
    These flexible systems meet various needs and come in the right size.

Depalletizing System

  • Depalletizing System (AADS)

    IHI launched the New depalletizing system controlled by our original Deep-leaning AI system. It’s the worlds first AI depalletizing system and its cognitive performance improved by 30% 
    ・Pre-registration of data and teaching are unnecessary by object recognition technology by AI.
    ・It is possible to correspond even pallets loaded with loads of various sizes.
    ・Optimize the grip point and arm route. Improved throughput by 30%.

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