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Pulp & Paper Machinery

Paper Machine is as the core of the paper production process with more than 100m length and produces paper at high speed. Coating Machine adds various functions to paper and improve its property. Stock Preparation optimizes raw materials of paper with highest level of energy-saving performance and contributes to solving environmental problems.

Pulp & Paper Machinery

  • Stock preparation machine

    Stock preparation machines separate contaminants from fibers in suspension of pulp and recycled material and treat fibers as suitable property.
    Machines trial is available at Technical Center.
  • Paper machine

    Paper machines can produce various kinds of papers at the speed of up to 2,000 m/minute with 10m width.
  • Coater

    Coaters apply various Coating color to the surface of paper to produce high quality coated paper, thermal paper and carbonless paper at high speed, Coating trial is available at Technical Center.

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