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Turbochargers for Vehicles

IHI supplies a wide range of turbochargers from small ones for automobile engines to large ones for land and marine power generators, and has already produced more than more than 100 million turbochargers for automobiles. We have development, production, and sales bases also in the U.S., Europe, Thailand and China, and are growing our business worldwide.

Turbochargers for Vehicles

Super Chargers for Vehicles

  • Super Chargers for Vehicles

    The supercharger supercharges the engine with the power of the engine, which helps improve power output and fuel efficiency.

Electric Turbocharger

  • Electric Turbocharger(ETC)for Fuel Cell Systems

    IHI’s Electric Turbocharger is responsible for supplying oxygen(Compressed Air)that reacts with Hydrogen in fuel cell systems such as for FCVs and it contribute to high efficiency, compact size and light weight of the system.

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