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Concrete Construction Materials

IHI is the leading company in segment construction technology and has provides diverse segment construction of each era. IHI also develops and provides constantly new methods and products for civil works and building constructions.

Concrete Construction Materials

  • Segment

    Segments (concrete, steel-structure or hybrid) that constitute the outer wall of tunnels has various applications including underground highways, subways, waterworks and sewerage, stormwater storage pipes, electricity and communications.

Tunnel, Cross Structure

  • PCL Method

    The PCL method is used in repair or reinforcement of tunnel constructions. It has various applications including road tunnels, water tunnels and more.

  • PC-ATM Method

    The PC-ATM method is used mainly for cross structure construction under roads. It enables shorter construction period and lower labor and energy at site.

  • URT Method

    The URT method enables safe and reliable construction of large structures under operating Shinkansen lines and expressways by drilling with a small steel square element.

Noise Barriers and Landscape-blocking Walls

  • Noise Barriers and Landscape-blocking Walls

    IHI has provides various noise barriers and landscape-blocking walls which use lightweight and sound absorbing GRC material in order to reduce flame noise and protect machinery and landscape in thermal power plants.

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