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Environmental Monitoring

IHI has a wide variety of products for Environmental Monitoring.Surface meteorological observation system represented by AMeDAS which is operating in Japan Meteorological Agency.Visibility meter is used for measuring the visibility in port, coastal area, mountain and highway.Information as the basis of the weather forecast, upper-air observation system of radiosonde to observe meteorological data of up to about 30,000 meters from the ground.These products have contributed to all of you through weather observation.

Weather Observation Devices

  • Advanced observation system POTEKA

    POTEKA is a compact weather sensor system.
    POTEKA is a community based observation system that aims
    to provide information on countermeasures appropriate
    for the weather conditions on the spot with real-time analysis and information distribution
    by collecting pinpoint weather information in a small area.

  • iMS-100 GPS radiosonde

    GPS radiosonde is an upper-air sounding instrument which is lifted up by balloon.
    And it measures various types of meteorological data; wind speed, wind direction, pressure, temperature and humidity

  • RD-08AC GPS Sonde Receiving System

    With features customized for research application in universities, etc., this system is significantly lower in cost compared with conventional GPS sonde receiving systems. Only available for purchase by academic users.

  • Automatic Radiosonde System (ARS)

    Canister type ARS allows to adjust the number of Radiosonde & balloon to be loaded. It can release operators from mid-night-early morning sounding, dangerous H2 gas inflating works, etc.

    • Courtesy of JMA

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