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IHI developed the world’s largest shield and rotating shield tunneling machines, which have greatly improved construction efficiency.

Shield Tunneling Machines

  • Large-diameter shield tunneling machine

    IHI has supplied many large-diameter shield machines, including the one used in the construction of the Tokyo Bay Aqualine tunnel.
  • Combination circular shield tunneling machine

    Non-circular cross sections, such as in the double track sections of subways, can be tunneled efficiently by extending the ends of the spokes of the cutters according to the rotation.
  • Horizontal Multiple-micro shield tunneling machine

    This shield machine, used in the construction of box-shaped large-section tunnels such as road tunnels, can be flexibly adapted to any section shape.

  • Double-O tube shield machine

    This shield tunneling machine drills inbound and outbound lanes at a time, for example, for subways.
    This machine provides economic advantages with shortened construction time and reduced drilling soil volume and is employed in foreign countries as well.

  • Rotating shield tunneling machine

    Single machine can excavate shaft from the ground, and continuously tunnel by right angles. IHI's new technology developed through joint research with users.

  • Upward-facing shield tunneling machine

    This shield tunneling machine tunnels upwards from an existing tunnel towards the surface. This minimizes the affect on the surface during construction of a tunnel, so that it is more friendly to the environment.

  • Rectangular type shield tunneling machine

    This shield tunneling machine is used, for example, to construct grade-separating tunnels to solve congestion at the intersections or busy railroad crossings. It drills a large section by repeatedly moving back and forth between start and drilling locations.

Automatic Segment Assembling Systems

  • Automatic segment assembling system

    IHI mechatronic technology has substantially improved tunneling efficiency and safety
    through the automated assembly of segments for tunnel walls.

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