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Transportation Systems

IHI contributes to traffic safety, which is essential for daily life, in various ways. Furthermore, we supply various railway systems, including ultra-low floor streetcars, which are human- and environment-friendly and essential for building new towns, light diesel locomotives to ensure local traffic, and maintenance vehicles to keep railway systems running.

Automated People Movers for Airports

We are a system engineering company for APM systems capable of designing, manufacturing, installment or construction and implementing commissioning of vehicles, electrical substations, signaling and communication for APM. We are the pioneer for the automated people mover system who can propose route, operation, vehicle depot and maintenance plans. APM system which is prominent for punctuality, much noiseless and of which vehicles are matching to modern airport facilities have been supplied to Kansai International Airport, Hong Kong International Airport and Taiwan-Taoyuan International Airport.

Automated People Movers for Urban Transport

APM, medium capacity of transport, with scarce noise doesn’t ruin city view and can resolve fundamental traffic issues in the area. We have supplied “Yurikamome” to Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Yurikamome, “Seaside Line” to Yokohama New Transit, “Astram Line” to Hiroshima Rapid Transit, “Nippori-Toneri Liner” and so forth constantly since “New Tram” for Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau came into commercial operation first in Japan.

Light Rail Transit

We were the first company to introduce eco- and human-friendly Urban transport with completely low floor to domestic market. Most of completely low floor vehicles operating currently in Japan are our products. With delivery of 3 cars-articulated LRT to Fukui Railroad Co., Ltd. in 2013, we are now able to offer more than 3 cars-articulated LRT according to customer needs.

Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU)

Diesel multiple units which need only comparatively inexpensive infrastructures without power supply system incl. catenaries have been recently reappraised all over the world. We can offer a wide range of DMUs with plenty of options for better operation ability and high-performance. Diesel engines with Low fuel consumption rate and enhanced maintenance ability makes our DMU to occupy an impregnable position in Japan.

Maintenance Cars and Snowplows

We can offer a wide range of maintenance cars to keep safe and punctual operation of a railroad of which market share in Japan has been No. 1 for a long time. Our products ranges from Tunnel inspection cars, track ballast exchangers, catenary maintenance cars for bullet train, snow removers for a railroad to diesel locomotives. In addition, we can offer snowplows for roads, highways or airports having many kinds of high functions to keep a smooth traffic and to better living in districts with heavy snow. Snowplows aforesaid have been operated efficiently with the assistance of various attachments for snow removing purpose or for the other purpose.

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