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AVL List GmbH will exhibit its HyTruck fuel cell system at the Hydrogen Technology EXPO which will be held in Bremen from Oct 19th to 20th, 2022.

AVL’s HyTruck system is designed for heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and it will be integrated into AVL’s fuel cell demo truck. The demo truck project is currently constructing a prototype class 8 / 40-ton truck with outstanding power density through a perfect form factor of the fuel cell system. It enables the integration of over 300kW net fuel cell system power into a standard truck chassis.

HyTruck is a project funded by the Austrian government and has the objective to develop, build, calibrate and validate a heavy-duty fuel cell system including its key technologies to meet the requirements of commercial vehicles regarding power, efficiency, reliability, and lifetime. The project consortium consists of several competent partners: AVL, DB Schenker, Hydrogen Europe, EI-JKU, EMT, EVN AG, FEN, FPT, HyCentA, PBX, Rosenbauer, Technical University Vienna, VKM, and WIVA. AVL is coordinating the project as well as leading the technical concept development of the fuel cell powertrain, including cooling, operating strategy, packaging and fuel cell system development.

Learn more about AVL’s HyTruck fuel cell system here:

The HyTruck fuel cell system is equipped with IHI Corporation’s oil free ETC (Electric Turbocharger)to avoid oil contamination of the stack. The IHI ETC integrates the motor and the inverter enabling a compact system design. High component efficiency and  turbine assist lead to low power consumption of the ETC and contributes to improved fuel cell system efficiency. 

AVL List GmbH and IHI Corporation signed the technical collaboration agreement with AVL List GmbH regarding electric turbocharger for fuel cell system in February 2021.

Learn more about IHI‘s ETC  ( Electric Turbocharger )here:


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