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Materials Handling System

IHI has remained a technology leader in this field for a century. We accommodate needs ranging from under one metric ton to thousands of metric tons. Our offerings extend from bulk handling systems, such as port unloaders, jib and overhead travelling cranes for various industries. We leverage advanced technologies in manufacturing through maintenance and modifications. We are Japan’s leading manufacturer of materials handling system installed on bulk carrier deck cranes. We are a top supplier of jib climbing cranes for skyscraper and dam construction.


  • Continuous Ship Unloader

    This unloader realizes continuous unloading from iron ore bulk carriers or coal bulk carriers.
    IHI has delivered the world's largest continuous ship unloader with a capacity of 4,000 t/hour for iron ore carriers, and also has the world's top technologies and delivery record.
    IHI also offers belt-type unloaders and pneumatic unloaders for various food and feed such as soybeans, wheat grains, and corns. Designs of unloaders will be adjusted to regional characteristics of delivery destinations. For example, the latest seismic isolating device will be used in the unloaders to be delivered to regions where anti-earthquake measures are required.
  • Continous and Pneumatic Unloaders for grain

    IHI’s unloader lineup includes continuous unloader and pneumatic unloader to handle various cargo for imported food and feed, including soybean, wheat and corn.

Jib Cranes

  • Jib Crane

    This level luffing jib crane, featuring a lightweight construction and heavy lift capacity, can place cargoes with excellent precision.
  • Jib Climbing Crane for building construction

    IHI's large jib climbing cranes, featuring large payloads and working radius capabilities, are used in nearly all skyscraper construction in Japan. Photo is provided by Tokyo Skytree.

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