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Steelmaking Equipment

IHI provides steelmakers with advanced blast furnaces, coke ovens, and Electric arc furnaces that contribute to the safe, economic, and environmentally friendly production of the steel products that enhance modern living.

Industrial Furnaces

  • Iron & steelmaking Plant

    PWIHI offers state-of-the-art technologies for the primary stage of integrated steelmaking (mainly blast furnaces and coke oven plants), ranging from engineering to a full spectrum of EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction). Since 1941, IHI has built and relined over 90 blast furnace plants in and outside of Japan. Backed by a wide range of experience of Paul Wurth Group (Luxembourg), a number of our coke oven plants have been adopted by Japanese customers. 
  • Electric arc furnace

    We offer products and services in the field of electric arc furnaces which produce steel from scraps and have been attracting more attention from steelmakers to become carbon neutral. We have over 500 references worldwide. In 2014, electric arc furnace business was transferred to Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd. from IHI Corporation, and in 2021, Paul Wurth IHI Co., Ltd. also started offering electric steelmaking technologies of Germany-based SMS Group in the Japanese market.

Stepping Cylinder

  • Stepping cylinder

    The stepping cylinder is a positioning cylinder with a built-in mechanical feedback function, and it controls precisely the speed and the position by electrical pulse signals.

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