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Urban Development

IHI optimizes the potential of our real estate holdings by redeveloping company offices and housing nationwide. We engage in leasing and sales, particularly in metropolitan Tokyo. A good example of this approach is in Toyosu, known for former shipbuilding yards, where we are undertaking a massive urban redevelopment project. We also prioritize using idle land, as part of which we operate Japan’s biggest mega solar generating business, in Kagoshima, thereby contributing to environmental and social sustainability.

Real Estate Leasing and Sale

  • Rental office building "Toyosu Front"

    "Toyosu Front" is a rental office building in the Toyosu redevelopment area (15 stories aboveground, 2 stories underground). With the largest floor space in Japan for one floor (over 5000m2), this building has high environmental and safety levels at the same time as considering indoor comfort and energy conservation. With a direct underground passage connecting the building to the Toyosu subway station, Toyosu Front offers easy access.

  • "Toyosu Center Building" and "Toyosu Center Building Annex" Rental Offices

    "Toyosu Center Building" (pictured left) and "Toyosu Center Building Annex" (pictured right) are the symbolic "twin towers" located directly above the Toyosu subway station, the entrance to the Toyosu redevelopment area. In addition to large-scale floors with a diversity of layouts, these buildings offer a comfortable office environment with an outdoor area rich in water features and greenery, etc.

  • "Toyosu Foresia" Rental Office Building

    "Toyosu Foresia" is a rental office building in the Toyosu redevelopment area (16 stories aboveground, 2 stories underground). Along with adoption of fundamental anti-seismic structure and positioning of main electric equipment on the 2nd floor to avoid water damage, Toyosu Foresia has superior disaster prevention qualities, while from an environmental perspective the use of LED lighting and high green coverage has earned the building the highest ranking of the DBJ Green Building accreditation system.

  • Housing Development – "FINE COURT Yokohama Yokodai Hillside Residence"

    "FINE COURT Yokohama Yokodai Hillside Residence" is a project of 22 subdivided houses in Konan-ku and Isogo-ku, Yokohama-shi, jointly developed and sold with Mitsui Fudosan Residential Co., Ltd.
    This is located on a hillside and designed to be a bright and warm streetscape.

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