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IHI provides various products based on mechatronics and sensing technologies. IHI 3D Laser radar is applied to Railway level crossing obstacle detection system. It has achieved over 2,000 units supply record over the world and been exploring for other sensing business fields. IHI also supplies X-ray visual inspection system for large size cargo container, for which IHI is the domestic market leader. We have ample track record for airports and seaports custom check including small and midsized X-ray inspection system.

3D Laser Radar

  • 3D laser radar

    3D laser radar detects the location and movement of every object in real-time independent of light and weather, even at night and in bad weather.
    Many 3D laser radars were introduced as level crossing obstacle detection systems over the world.
    In addition, application to various fields is possible such as object recognition by the robotic eye in poor environments, invasion monitoring of important institutions and soundness diagnosis of structural objects.

X-ray Inspection Systems

  • Large X-ray inspection system

    This inspection device conducts horizontal and vertical X-ray inspections on container cargos as part of imported / exported cargo customs examination. This device can conduct high-penetration, high-resolution imaging tests and capable of identifying object materials.

  • Medium and small X-ray inspection system

    IHI provides various types of X-ray inspection devices such as devices that can vary X-ray output in accordance with examined objects or devices capable of identifying object materials.

Monitoring Equipment

  • Digital video recorder “FineREC®”

    A high cost-performance digital video recorder for monitoring. High resolution recording up to 16 channels simultaneously. Able to view 16 channels on a monitor simultaneously. Motion sensor recording and email alerts through events are possible.

Oil Leak Monitors

  • Oil leak monitor

    A high-performance oil detector adopting an optical fiber in its sensor.
    Oil particles which adhere to the sensor are detected by the fastest for 12 seconds.
    There is also a floating type available for use on water.

Vibration Control Systems and Seismic Isolation Floor Systems

  • Vibration control systems

    Vibration control systems are installed on high-rise buildings, the main towers of suspension or cable-stayed bridges to reduce vibratory motion caused by wind and post-earthquake tremors. The use of linear motors helps boost power and speed to fit in next-generation super high-rise buildings where long-period ground motion will be generated.

  • Seismic isolation floor systems

    Seismic isolation floor systems are installed in computer rooms, etc., to minimize damage caused by massive earthquakes.
    The 3D sliding-type seismic isolation floor systems are capable of absorbing both horizontal and vertical seismic vibration, and will remain to fulfill function, even when epicentral earthquake occurs.

Disaster Prevention Equipment

  • External System Control Seismometer S401-PSC

    The External System Control Seismometer measures earthquakes as close as possible to the devices being controlled and responds swiftly in order to reduce the degree of damage caused by the earthquake.

  • Seismic Information Network System

    A system which collects seismic information generated by seismic intensity meters installed by municipalities through a communication network in real-time. This information can be displayed, printed and distributed to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, The Japan Meteorological Agency and so forth.

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