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Positive Impact Finance Loan Agreement with Shizuoka Bank

IHI concluded a positive impact finance loan agreement with the Shizuoka Bank, Ltd.

The agreement entails comprehensively assessing the environmental, social, and economic impacts of corporate activities. The lending will support efforts to improve positive impacts and reduce negative ones. Assessments are in line with a framework that Shizuoka Bank set up with the Shizuoka Economic Research Institute.

The IHI Group has plants, offices, and subsidiaries around Japan. This agreement is exclusively with a regional banking syndicate to foster co-creation between Group operations and communities as part of ESG management initiatives.

Loan Assessment

An assessment of the impact of IHI’s operations for this agreement was as follows.

  • Achieving carbon neutrality (pursuing such specifics as decarbonizing the energy value chain and recycling carbon)
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions from operations (including to conserve energy and use it more efficiently and consume less carbon-derived energy)
  • Lowering environmental impacts of operations (augmenting effluent standards under the Water Pollution Control Law and municipal and other requirements by establishing voluntary standards based on Environmental Management System)
  • Using resources more efficiently (such as by cutting waste emissions, undertaking planned water withdrawals, and properly maintaining facilities)
  • Pursuing diversity and inclusion (such as by hiring experienced people mid-career outside the Group, holding workshops for female employees, and setting up a consulting desk for foreign employees)
  • Engaging in open innovation (augmenting the efforts of IHI Tsunagu Lab and Ignition Base, commonly called i-Base in-house, by collaborating with IHI Launch Pad in Silicon Valley, and sites in Singapore and elsewhere overseas to innovate and pursue technological progress that drive innovations)

Third-party opinion

Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd., assessed IHI's business activities as expected to have a positive impact in terms of diversity, effectiveness, efficiency, and additionality after reviewing the impacts based on the KPIs of the Finance in accordance with the evaluation criteria exemplified in the PIF Principles.

For the independent opinion from Japan Credit Rating Agency, Ltd., please visit:

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