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Mizuho Human Capital Management Impact Finance agreement with Mizuho Bank

IHI has concluded a Mizuho Human Capital Management Impact Finance agreement with Mizuho Bank, Ltd. It is important to manage human capital to grow sustainably and enhance corporate value over the medium and long terms. The agreement is for lending to help drive corporate human capital management by scoring efforts to visualize, disclose, and practice these initiatives and provide regular feedback on them.

Loan Assessment

Assessments covered:

  1. Executive commitment
  2. Career development
  3. Engagement
  4. Liquidity
  5. Diversity
  6. Health and safety
  7. Labor practices and compliance
  8. Governance

IHI received high marks for its ample career development disclosure, its clear stance on current issues and future steps, and its commitment to specific career support and human resource development programs that make up for shortfalls in its efforts.

Under Group Management Policies 2023, IHI committed to a growth strategy that invests in talent. It will keep securing world-class expertise and management skills and embedding them in its corporate culture while undertaking measures to improve engagement and well-being so it can continuously and agilely transform itself and its culture.

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IHI Concludes Mizuho Human Capital Management Impact Finance Agreement

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