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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

IHI Aerospace maintains world-class quality and continues to improve it to meet the quality demanded by customers.

Quality Management System

IHI Aerospace establishes a quality management system documented, implemented, and maintained according to the requirements of JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001.
Additionally, measures are in place to continue to refine and improve this quality management system at all times.

JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001 certification

IHI Aerospace acquired JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001 certification on August 25, 2003, and continues to maintain the performance required by these standards(IHI Aerospace acquired JIS Q 9100:2016 certification on August 25, 2018.).
(SiteName: Tokyo Head Office,Tomioka Plant(including Taketoyo Office),Aioi Test Center)

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