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Quality Policy

Quality Policy

IHI Aerospace goes for proudful quality level to the world,and earns customer’s trust by continuous improvement of the quality and accommodation to new environment.

Quality Management System

IHI Aerospace establishes a quality management system documented, implemented, and maintained according to the requirements of JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001.
Additionally, measures are in place to continue to refine and improve this quality management system at all times.

JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001 certification

IHI Aerospace acquired JIS Q 9100 and JIS Q 9001 certification on August 25, 2003, and continues to maintain the performance required by these standards(IHI Aerospace acquired JIS Q 9100:2016 certification on August 25, 2018.).
(SiteName: Tokyo Head Office,Tomioka Plant,Aioi Test Center)

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