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Terms of Use

We strictly forbid hypertext linking by any webpage (or website) that contains any of the following intentions, facts or contents.

  1. Any webpage that slanders our company or a third party, including individuals. Or which attacks the credibility of our company or a third party, including individuals.
  2. Any webpage that is managed by a party currently in dispute with our company or affiliate companies, or by any other party supporting the opposing party.
  3. Any webpage with contents that disturb public order and standards of decency (e.g. obscenity, illegal gambling, encouraging criminal, illegal or antisocial acts, discriminatory expressions, etc.)
  4. Any webpage that includes content of a sexual nature.
  5. Any webpage that has, or may have, content that constitutes criminal or illegal acts.
  6. Any webpage connected to an individual who has committed a felony (including the organization to which the individual belongs) and organizations involved in felonious acts, or by anyone supporting such individuals or organizations.
  7. Any webpage which contains our homepage, e.g. in the same window, or any webpage intended to mislead a third party except for our intended content.
  8. Any webpage that contains statements against Basic Code of Conduct.

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