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Heat-resistant Materials

We are researching heat-resistant materials for use in rocket nozzles and heat shields for recovery systems. The Carbon/Carbon (C/C) composite, composed of carbon fiber and carbon matrix, has the following advantages:
(1) good heat resistance (sublimed at 3000 deg. C or higher), (2) high specific strength and stiffness, (3) high fracture toughness, (4) small thermal expansion coefficient, (5) high thermal conductivity, and (6) desirable friction characteristics.
It is used for the solid rocket nozzle throat, heat resistant material for re-usable spacecraft, high-temperature furnace material, and brake material. We are manufacturing the world's top class C/C composites for use as nozzle throat materials in SRB-A rockets. Furthermore, our heat-resistant shield materials using FRP technology has achieved success in applications such as the Hayabusa re-entry capsule.


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