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Space Solar Power System

Space Solar Power System (SSPS) is a power generation system concept involving transmitting power generated from solar power generation stations located in space to the earth via microwave and Japan leads the research in this area. We have contributed to SSPS research through more than 20 years of various R&D activities. In recent years, we have undertaken projects for the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and participated in R&D of solar power generation wireless transmission technology implemented by Japan Space Systems, taking charge of the design, fabrication and experimentation of power receiving equipment. In this development, we demonstrated world top-class standards in all open experiments in regards to high efficiency and operational stability. There are many hurdles which must be overcome for SSPS to become a reality, including low-cost transportation, construction of large space structures and further improvements in power transmission efficiency, however we will continue to steadily advance its research and help to realize this goal.

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