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Material Handling / Logistics

Overhead Cranes & Material Handling System

IHI has a century of history in material-handling equipment, varying from unloaders for port operations to jib and overhead travelling cranes for various industries. With sophisticated technologies, IHI engages in the manufacturing, maintenance and modifications of such machines. IHI’s line-up varies from under one to a few thousand tonnes, ensuring customers can enjoy a rich product range. IHI is also Japan’s leading manufacturer of deck cranes and other material-handling equipment on vessels.

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Logistics Systems

IHI is a pioneer in the field of logistics systems including automated storage, transportation and sorting systems. IHI delivers wide-ranging facilities and equipment such as automated storage / retrieval systems for refrigeration of up to minus 60 degrees Celsius, hazardous substances and storage and transportation equipment operated in clean rooms to various industries, with a scope covering food, distribution and chemical sectors. At IHI, we optimally exploit our rich experience and know-how to provide customers with overall system logistics solutions.

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