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IHI Joins 30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity

IHI joined the 30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity in May this year. This alliance is a voluntary coalition that Japan’s Ministry of the Environment established to encourage government entities, companies, and non-profit organizations to engage in concerted action to reach 30by30 objectives.

30by30 represents countries’ commitments to Nature Positive, a global societal goal of halting and reversing biodiversity loss by 2030 by conserving the ecosystems of at least 30% of their land and marine areas.

As well as endeavoring to register other effective area-based conservation measures (see note 1) and expand protected areas within their properties or jurisdictions, alliance participants must also contribute to 30by30 goals by helping to manage other areas, even if they do not own or manage them.


The IHI Group has positioned conserving the environment a top management priority, and has committed to safeguarding biodiversity.

One key Group initiative is an effort to help restore the ecosystems of irrigation canals connected to the Echi River basin, which is near the Shiga Works of IHI Construction Service Co., Ltd. (note 2). The IHI Yokohama Works collaborates with its local community to conserve biodiversity by taking part in activities to protect Sugita Plum trees, which originated in the Sugita district of Yokohama’s Isogo Ward (note 3). That business unit also teamed up with sites of several neighboring companies in Negishi Bay to help revive Amamo eelgrass in Tokyo Bay’s Kanazawa-Hakkei area (note 4).

IHI will leverage its participation in the 30by30 Alliance for Biodiversity to undertake even more eco-friendly business activities.

1. The other effective area-based conservation measures of private sector and other entities achieve long-term and effective in-situ biodiversity conservation outside protected areas.

2. IHI Group Helps to Restore Irrigation Canal Ecosystems in Shiga Prefecture

3. Reviving the Splendor of Japan’s Ancient Sugita Plum Tree

4. IHI Yokohama Works Helps Restore Eelgrass Beds

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