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Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering

Heat treatment processes and equipment are used in many industries. IHI supplies an array of equipment to meet user needs. Our heat treatment equipment offerings include vacuum heat treatment furnaces, high pressure dewax sintering furnaces, hot presses, high purification furnaces, vacuum carburizing furnaces, and vacuum vapor degreaser. In addition to supplying equipment, IHI itself maintains a heat treatment processing business. We also provide advanced coating solutions featuring a broad range of hard, low friction, wear resistant or corrosion resistant coatings based on PVD, PACVD and CVD technologies for aerospace, medical, automotive, decorative and tooling applications.

Advanced Material Manufacturing Equipment

  • Hot press

    Hot presses mold by heating and pressurizing under vacuum. There are various types to meet different requirements, such as for sintering, multiple-axis expanded joining type, multiple-chamber type, hybrid type, thermal molding type, etc.
  • High-pressure sintering furnace / degreasing high-pressure sintering furnace

    Continuous operation of HIP process of dewaxing / sintering / up to 100 atmospheric pressure is available.

Vacuum Heat Treatment Equipment

  • Vacuum heat treatment furnace

    Various vacuum heat treatment furnaces perform various heat treatments on metals, including hardening and tempering.
  • Vacuum carburizing furnace

    The vacuum carburizing furnace is a new process furnace that can provide high quality carburizing process with evenness, excellent reproducibility, and clean operating environment.
  • Vacuum vapor solvent degreaser

    The vacuum vapor solvent degreaser is an energy-saving equipment with high safety and regeneration efficiency in which petroleum solvent is used and the boiling point is maintained lower than 150 degrees centigrade under reduced pressure.
  • Job Heat Treatment Service

    IHI VTN provides wide range of heat treatment technologies to automotive, industrial machinery, aerospace components and so on.

Thin Film and Surface Treatment Equipment

  • PVD / PACVD coating equipment

    PVD / PACVD coatings (metallic, ceramic and DLC) are used for e.g. decorative, low friction (for example automotive parts) and wear-resistance (for cutting tools, molds, dies, etc.) applications. Hauzer uses a broad range of PVD and PACVD deposition technologies (ARC, UBM, HIPIMS and DMS) to offer our customers the best surface engineering solutions. Hauzer also offers Cromatipic, a fully automated production plant as an environmentally friendly alternative to electroplating.
  • Ionbond’s Coating Service Portfolio “The Surface Engineers™“

    IHI Ionbond provides customers with vacuum deposited coatings based on physical vapor deposition (PVD), chemical vapour deposition (CVD) or plasma-assisted chemical vapor deposition (PACVD) and related post- and pre treatments. Applied to cutting, molding and forming tools, customers benefit through enhanced machining productivity and improved product quality. Components in general, are improved by customized surface engineered coating solutions. Specific surface properties like increased hardness, lower coefficient of friction, higher temperature stability, diffusion barriers, anti-bacterial and altered wettability are obtained in a very controlled way. IHI Ionbond is eager to take on challenging highly specialized coating applications and work with the customers to engineer such high-end solutions and to put them in production through their coating centers or at a customer location.

    IHI Bernex, a Hauzer daughter company within the IHI Group, offers systems for a wide range of chemical vapour deposition (CVD) technologies, including chemical vapor aluminising (CVA), chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) and CVD with solid metalorganic precursors (MOCVD). Bernex CVD systems set the worldwide industry standard in CVD enhancement of wear, friction and temperature protection of tools and components. Bernex is renowned for their expertise in developing proprietary coatings and the reliability of their machines, with hundreds of installations worldwide in the past 45 years.

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