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We have formulated a crisis management structure, response procedures, and Business Continuity Plans (BCP) for the entire IHI Group to respond to emergency situations as part of the Basic Rules on Crisis Management for IHI Group.
In the event of a situation that could have a serious impact on management or business operations, we will consider the degree of impact, such as the severity, ripple effects, and continuity of the crisis, set up a Crisis Management Headquarters according to the level of the crisis to deal with the damage and take appropriate measures to minimize damage. At the highest crisis level, the head of the Crisis Management Headquarters is, in principle, the CEO.


Disaster Prevention Initiatives

Continual Revisions to the BCP

To prepare for severe disasters, the IHI Group has built a system to ensure both employee safety and business continuity. In addition, we have clarified the organizational structure and necessary actions in our internal rules, during both normal times and during times of disaster.
The Group has also established a BCP for each representative office, division, and affiliated company, invites outside experts, and revises the plans on a regular basis through routine training and classroom work to verify the effectiveness.
Every March, we conduct Group-wide response training, which the President and other management executives take part in to prepare for severe disasters. By changing the training day, time, and estimated damage of a disaster each year, the effectiveness of the BCP can be tested from various angles.

Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

The IHI Group strives to ensure business continuity by prioritizing the health and safety of employees, their families, and every other stakeholder above all and engaging in measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection and any potential cluster infections.
In response to COVID-19, which spread rapidly in 2020, guidelines were formulated to prevent the spread of the virus throughout the Group for each department (offices, plants, construction sites) based on the policies and instructions of the government and local governments. Furthermore, in order to respond flexibly to remote work (working from home), we have upgraded the system by examining online-based business processes.

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