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Approach to Social contribution


The IHI Group strives to contribute to society, as we believe corporate social responsibility means fulfilling the expectations of society.
Concerning our social contribution activities in regions where we operate businesses and construction sites, we have established target priorities based on their relevance to our business and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Material Issues of Social Contribution Activities

Material Issues Relevance to Business SDGs
Coexistence with local communities Establishing and maintaining good relationships with local communities is essential for smooth business expansion.
Development of next-generation professionals Developing next-generation professionals in the manufacturing field and supporting research regarding future science and technology fields are essential to solidify the foundation for the coming industries, to drive IHI brand recognition, and to guarantee business continuity.
Conservation of the global environment Supporting activities concerning preservation of the ecosystem, measures to combat extreme climate change, cultivation of natural bounties, and protection of our planet are essential for a sustainable business. This will consequently assist in raising employee awareness regarding environmental issues.

Targets and Results

The IHI Group dedicates approximately 1% of its net income to social contribution activities. In fiscal 2022, we invested a total of ¥489 million, approximately 0.87% of net income of the fiscal year, into activities concerning social contribution.

Breakdown of Social Contribution Expenditure

(Unit: Millions of yen, Scope: IHI and consolidated subsidiaries)

Item FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Breakdown by expenditure Cash investment 156 120 251
Time investment 40 87 94
Goods donations and site costs 19 53 144
Reference Membership fees for local organization 14 13 15
Operating costs 117 110 106

Social Contribution Expense

(Scope: IHI and consolidated subsidiaries)

Activity Results

(Scope: IHI and consolidated subsidiaries)

Material Issues Index FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Coexistence with local communities Business interests* Visitors to events 632 645 1,535
Social/environmental interests* Investments to local communities 71 million JPY 103 million JPY 335 million JPY
Development of next-generation professionals Business interests* Participants in science (manufacturing) classes 1,356 5,297 6,468
Social/environmental interests*
Conservation of the global environment Business interests* Participants in hosted events 60 254 156
Social/environmental interests* Environment protection area 12,652㎡ 12,652㎡ 112㎡

The indicators above for business and social/environmental interests defined by RobecoSAM are as follows.
Business interests: Factors directly related to product development, brand improvement, human resource development, and other such business interests.
Social/environmental interests: Factors linked to SDGs and other social/environmental interests.

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