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Customer Relationships

Quality and Product Safety


The IHI Group conducts its business based on the premise of contributing to the development of society by providing socially useful products and services that earn the satisfaction and trust of our customers, while paying sufficient attention to safety. The quality of our products and services is the bond of trust that connects the IHI Group with our customers and society, and we believe that ensuring quality is fundamental to our social mission and existence as a company.

IHI Group Quality Declaration

The IHI Group has indicated in the IHI Group Quality Declaration that quality is as equally important as safety. This reiterates our basic approach to manufacturing and our actions and awareness of quality.

We, the IHI Group, shall:

  1. Always put quality first.
  2. Continue improving quality via Sangen-Shugi and communication.
  3. Listen sincerely to issues, swiftly take action and share accurate information.
  4. Provide quality assurance through compliance with rules and working appropriately.
  5. All strive for the satisfaction of our customers.


Quality Assurance Framework

Quality Improvement Promotion System

The IHI Group established the IHI Group Quality Committee as a Group-wide committee on quality. The Committee confirms that important policies related to quality are being developed as specific initiatives. The Officer in charge of overall Group Quality Assurance acts as the Committee chairperson. Committee members consist of a business area President, an Executive in charge of quality from each business area, and an Executive from each corporate division. The Committee also deliberates on the quality policy for the next year with implementation results and quality issues that occurred during the year in consideration.

IHI Group Quality Committee
Chairperson Officer in charge of overall Group Quality Assurance
Secretariat Monozukuri System Strategy Planning
Members President of a business area, Executive in charge of quality for business area, and Executives of the corporate divisions
Number of meetings convened in FY2022 2

Education/Awareness Building

Employee Training and Education

The IHI Group provides education and training tailored to each employee’s career and job position, with the aim of raising employee awareness of the importance of product and service quality and safety.
Training is provided for new employees to help them understand the IHI Group Quality Declaration. Training for senior employees focuses on ethics, the environment, and safety in a manufacturing company. In addition to yearly e-learning programs on internal regulations and important laws, each business area has established its own education and training system.

Training Participants

(Unit: People, Scope: IHI and affiliated companies in Japan)

Item FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
IHI Group Quality Declaration 519 288 262
Internal auditor programs 74 31 29 44
Basic quality management and proceeding with product safety risk assessment 314 211 81 50
Training seminars for manufacturing divisions focused on problem-solving and addressing issues in quality management 316 136 123 117
Professional Quality Training 6 7 6 6
Quality Assurance Division Manager Training 182 40


Number of Law Violations

(Unit: Incidents, Scope: IHI and consolidated subsidiaries)

Item FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 FY2022
Laws/regulations relating to PR activities 0 0 0 0


Quality Assurance Activities

In fiscal 2022, the IHI Group aimed to promote the understanding and establishment of the IHI Group Quality Declaration among employees. We explained the intent of the Quality Declaration with illustrations, and developed activities to collect opinions that agree and disagree with the Declaration.
In order to strengthen quality assurance, we conducted Quality Assurance Division Manager Training and a weekly quality assurance liaison meeting between corporate and business areas throughout the year to increase mutual understanding.

Ensuring Product Safety

The IHI Group conducts life-cycle risk assessments during product development and implements design measures to reduce risk as much as possible. We then provide residual risk information to our customers.

Disclosure of Information about Products and Services

The IHI Group discloses information about its products and services through various mediums, such as television and newspaper advertisements and the Company website. This information helps familiarize the public at large about our business operations. We cooperate with all relevant internal departments to provide accurate information in accordance with copyrights, trademarks, and all other relevant laws and industry regulations. The effectiveness of these advertisements is evaluated to examine opportunities on areas of improvement.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The IHI Group conducts customer satisfaction surveys through questionnaires and interviews. Survey items are decided according to the characteristics of the business. The results are analyzed and shared with related divisions, leading to developing activities to further improve customer satisfaction.

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