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H-ⅡA & H-ⅡB Launch Systems

JAXA has evolved its H-Ⅱ launch vehicle into the H-ⅡA launch vehicle that has better reliability and lower cost than the H-Ⅱ and further expanded its efforts to develop the H-ⅡB launch vehicle to have a larger launch capability. The maiden flight of these launch vehicles was in August 2001 and September 2009 respectively for the H-ⅡA & H-ⅡB Launch Systemss. The H-ⅡA launch vehicle is supporting launches of various satellites as the Japan's primary launch vehicle. Alternatively the H-ⅡB launch vehicle can be used in international missions such as cargo transport to the International Space Station (ISS) and to the Moon. We are in charge of development and manufacturing of the solid rocket booster (SRB-A), gas jet system on the second stage, pyrotechnics, etc. in these launch vehicles.

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