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Shell Type Roller Gate

Ishikarigawa Head Work

Ishikarigawa Head Work
Client Hokkaido Regional Development Bureau
Equipment Head Work
Size W42.0m * H4.62m
Completed in 2012
Location Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

Kawakami Head Work

Kawakami Head Work
Client Kyusyu Regional Agricultural Administration Office
Equipment Head Work
Size W37.0m * H2.2m
W12.0m * H2.4m (with Flap Gate)
Completed in 2006
Location Saga Prefecture, Japan

Jukkaza Gate

Jukkaza Gate
Client Nigata Prefecture
Equipment Head Work
Size W27.2m * H2.55m (with Flap Gate)
W27.2m * H2.65m
Completed in 1999
Location Nigata Prefecture, Japan

Shell structure roller gates for agricultural water intake. One of three gates has a flap gate on the gate to regulate flow rate.

Naruka Great Weir

Naruka Great Weir
Naruka Great Weir
Client Kinki Regional Bureau
Equipment Weir
Size W43.35m * H5.7m (with Flap Gate)
W16.85m * H5.7m (with Flap Gate)
Completed in 1996
Location Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Environment-friendly view by deleting horizontal extensions from piers.

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