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Radial Gate

Ohkouzu Movable Weir

Ohkouzu Movable Weir
Client Hokuriku Regional Bureau
Equipment Weir
Size W37.95m * H6.4m
W37.95m * H6.7m (with Flap Gate)
Completed in 2012
Location Niigata Prefecture, Japan

Kamanava Gate

Kamanava Gate
Client Nishimatsu Construction Co.
Equipment Weir
Size W25m * H9.0m
Completed in 2007
Location Philippines

An anti-flooding project for Kamanava district in northern Capital Manila Philippines.

Higashiyokoborigawa Gate

Higashiyokoborigawa Gate
Client Osaka Prefecture
Equipment Upstream Navigation Lock
Size W22.0m * H6.1m
Completed in 2001
Location Osaka Prefecture, Japan

A facility located on the Higashi-Yokobori River in Osaka city for tide control, keeping water quality, sampan access.

Shibatagawa Channnel Weir

Shibatagawa Channnel Weir
Client Nigata Prefecture
Equipment Weir
Size W22.0m * H5.1m
Completed in 1994
Location Nigata Prefecture, Japan

The first shell structure radial gate for river in Japan. It was a prototype of all stainless steel structure to reduce life cycle cost.

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