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Labor shortages and changes in the social environment in recent years demand major innovations in the business of our customers. Under these circumstances, we are proposing and providing various solutions for response to customer needs for labor-saving, automation, and higher efficiency. In addition, in the field of industrial machinery, we are striving to develop and manufacture next-generation materials. We are determined to work for improvement in customer value by exercising the collective capabilities of the IHI Group, seeking leading-edge technology from around the world, and promoting open innovation.
We are additionally reinforcing our development of overseas business, mainly in other Asian countries. As our customers globalize their business, we are going to do even more to meet the diverse needs related to manufacture, storage, and distribution overseas.

As a company that always views things from perspective of its customers and tries to be an excellent partner for them, we are determined to live up to their expectations they have placed in us by providing our products, technologies and services in a timely manner. Meanwhile, to construct a sustainable society, we are going to accelerate our creation of new solutions with a focus on greater total efficiency for both our customers and society.

In addition, for our employees, we aspire to be a company with a free and open culture and atmosphere that offers a sense of contribution to society and personal fulfillment to all who work at it.

We are counting on your understanding and support in these endeavors of ours.

Company President
Shunji Kasa

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