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Terms of Use

This website is managed by IHI Logistics and Machinery Corporation.

1. Terms and Conditions of Use

Please read the following terms and agree with conditions before using this website.

2. Exemption Clause

ILM does not have any responsibility to the loss that caused by the error, downloading, altering of data through a third party. ILM does not certificate the rightness and the   recency of information though it pays close attention to uploading information on this website.
ILM does not have any responsibility to this website accessed from other links. In addition, links does not mean that linked websites have relationship between ILM, affiliates, and customers.
The information related to investors on this website aims for providing corporate news and doesn’t induce investment on ILM. In addition, ILM does not give any warranty for the contents on this website. Uploaded opinions and simulations are based on the ILM’s decision. The investment on ILM must finally be decided by investors themselves.
The contents on this website may be changed or deleted without notice.

3. About the Prohibited Acts

Following acts are prohibited when customers use this site.

  • Acts that violate the privacy of ILM and others
  • The acts that cause damage or inflict a loss to ILM and others.
  • The acts contrary to public policy
  • Criminal acts and the acts that may induce crime
  • Making false register of e-mail address
  • The marketing acts and the acts that aim for the marketing or the preparation of marketing
  • Damaging credits of ILM and others
  • Using and providing harmful program such as computer virus
  • Violating laws, ordinances, and the acts that may violate laws.
  • The acts that ILM decides inappropriate

4. About the Links

The other websites linked to ILM’s website are not promoted nor certificated by ILM. ILM does not have responsibility for any loss from using linked websites. Using ILM’s logo for the linking is prohibited.

5. About the Law and Jurisdiction

Usage of this website follows to Japanese law. Disputes about this website are decided by Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court.

6. Copyrights

Copyrights of publications on this website basically belong to ILM and affiliates. Users of this website can copy the contents of the site for non-beneficial purpose. Violating the copyrights law such as duplicating, submitting, modifying, converting, selling the contents without permission is strongly prohibited.

7. Trademark Rights

Names of products and services on this website are basically owned by ILM and affiliates. IHI Group does not permit usage of ILM’s trademark and IHI’s trademark for customers. Using other IHI group’s names of products and services for advertising without permission is strongly prohibited.

8. About the Intellectual Property Rights

This website does not permit any rights for patent, trademark, and other intellectual property of ILM or others.

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