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Quality & License - Offering a high-quality logistics service for peace of mind

Construction license types

We have obtained 23 types of work licenses, allowing us to respond to any logistics service request

License number: Tokyo mayor license (Special-28) No. 70624

Civil engineering Building Carpentry
Plumbing Scaffolding/earthworks
Roofing Sheet metal works Electrical works Paving Tile/brick/block works Steel structure works Reinforcement works 
Machinery  Painting Waterproofing Interior finishing  Masonry Dredging & equipment installation
Heat insulation works Joinery works       

License number: Tokyo mayor license (General-28) No. 70624

Fire protection facilities works

ISO9001: 2015 certifi cation obtained

In order to offer even better products and services, we have obtained the international quality standard, ISO9001.

IHI Logistics & Machinery Corporationは国際品質規格「ISO9001」を取得しています
1. Registration scope: Development, sales, design, manufacture, procurement, installation, and after-sales service for distribution and production plants, and related equipment and parts that constitute plants.
2. Registering body: JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.

3. Accreditation standard:


4. Registration no.:

5. Registration date: April 24, 1995

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