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Clean Environment FA Systems

Clean Environment FA Systems

IHI Logistics & Machinery offers a diverse lineup for displays and fl exible displays which will continuously have higher defi nition.
We can provide individual units or integrated production systems.

Stacker Crane for Clean Environments

  • Supports high cleanliness
  • A rich lineup from G2 to G10

G8.5 high cleanliness crane

Roll to Sheet

  • Supports ultra-thin glass and film sheet
  • Able to be combined with a lamination unit (optional)

Air fl oating conveyor

Roll to Sheet

Laser Cutting Unit

  • Supports cutting of glass, film and multi-layer sheets

Laser lift off (LLO) unit

Airfl ow Analysis (3D Simulator)

  • Supports static analysis – dynamic analysis
  • Capable of localized cleaning

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