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Automotive FA Systems

Automotive FA Systems

Based on our rich experience and high technological development capabilities regarding presses for automotive manufacturing, IHI Logistics & Machinery increases the effi ciency of press shops overall; from automatic supply of sheets to the storage/conveyance of products and automatic replacement of dies.

High speed transfer system (V-feeder)

Large tandem press line with V-feeder

High-speed transfer system for presses “V-feeder/V-loader”
- Achieves stable transfer with high-speed, long strokes

Achieves 18 SPM (strokes per minute) transfer on A-size press line

  • Weight reduction is achieved by placing motors and gear reducers on the stationary components. High rigidity Trans-link structure contributes to the prevention of bending.
  • Light weight and high rigidity promote stable panel feeding at high speeds and with long strokes.
  • High-speed stable feed system signifi cantly improves productivity of a tandem press line.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastics (CFRP) Related

Carbon fi ber reinforced plastics (CFRP) is attracting attention as a next-generation high-strength, lightweight material. IHI Logistics & Machinery builds integrated systems for CFRP molding.
We have made it possible to provide production systems for CFRP products of a broad range of sectors, from aircraft and automobiles to general industry.

CFRP Supply Chain Base material – Machining – Molding – Recycling Integrated System

  • Built the industry’s fi rst CFRP integrated system
  • Enabled various sample trial tests (press, recycle, cut)

CFRP full lineup

Demonstration Equipment: Handling & Cutting System

  • Dry cloth, prepreg handling
  • Supports cutting tests of Unilaminar/laminated material

Cutting robot

Prepreg Production test machine

  • Withstands temperatures up to 280ºC
  • Line speed: Max.10 m/min

Double belt roll press

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