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Service & Maintenance

Maintenance Service

To keep the automated storage in good condition, periodical inspection and maintenance are significant.
IHI Logistics and Machinery Corporation with high technology and wide experience, not only keeps good condition of the automated storage but provides 24hours service response system if trouble happens. We want to be always with our customers whenever and wherever they are.

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Customer`s happiness is our happiness.
To realize it, IHI logistics and Machinery Corporation focus on thorough training and education of our service technician.

Avoiding Trouble > Details


Providing with periodical inspection service and precautionary measures for system deterioration(cost service / free service), we promise a saver system operation that will realize customer`s safety and relax.

Maintenance Support Service

We can predict trouble by analyzing the operation information and trouble record collected from the remote observation service system(ILIPS) . 
Safety precaution will keep our customers from unpredicted system spot and following accidental cost.

System maintenance service

Supporting the main computer and surrounding equipment.

Finding out trouble in early stage > Details

Remote observation service(ILIPS)
Computer resource observation service

By observing Computer resource(disk&memory use amount, CPU duty cycle, trouble event etc), we prevent the decline system performance and avoid machinery coming to  a stop.

Fast Action for trouble > Details

On-call service

24hours call center service

24hours 365days emergency service

24hours call center service

Remote maintenance service

Implement maintenance by controlling computer system from remote.

Spare part supply

Smooth supply of spare parts.

Training > Details

Special training(Crane, Fork lift)

License can be taken through training program provided by IHI training center.

Operation training

Basic training of handling method for delivered Logistic system will be provided.

After Service > Details

After Service

Providing our maintenance service, we promise our customer to keep their system quality and performance with safety.


To promote high qualified Service Engineers, meister system is managed.

Renewal Business

Performance and efficiency upgrade by engineering of existing Machinery and system.

Upgrade for machinery performance

Speed up and enlargement


  • Speed up of Crane
  • Extension of Crane
  • Speed up of Data processing

System upgrade

Layout renewal including enlargement.


  • Upgrade of stock management system
  • Upgrade of Rack and transfer system

Dealing with Deterioration

Renewal of machineries which are deteriorated or over guarantee period.


  • Upgrade of Stocker Crane
  • Upgrade of machinery system and control system

Functionality upgrade

Upgrade of Work condition and target for low-energy.


  • Upgrade of Control level
  • On-line
  • Low noise control
  • Functional upgrade for picking work

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