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Service & Maintenance

Avoiding Trouble

Periodical inspection service

Providing with periodical inspection service and precautionary measures for system deterioration(cost service / free service), we promise a saver system operation that will realize customer`s safety and relax.

Maintenance Support Service

IULINK Maintenance Support Service – Connecting IHI and Users

By analyzing large quantities of equipment operational data collected by ILIPS*, breakdowns can be predicted and/or avoided. Furthermore, on a customer-exclusive website, we provide information such as operational status and maintenance history, and share schedules, in order to further enhance communication
between our customer and Service Center.

Trouble Prediction service

We can predict trouble by analyzing the operation information and trouble record collected from the remote observation service system(ILIPS) . 
Safety precaution will keep our customers from unpredicted system spot and following accidental cost.

System maintenance service

Supporting the main computer and surrounding equipment.

Other Products

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