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Technology Development

To realize a CO2 free and resource recycling-oriented society, automakers worldwide are developing vehicles, in addition to improving the efficiency of existing internal combustion engines and achieving cleaner exhaust emissions, and also shifting from conventional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles to HEVs (hybrid-powered vehicles), BEVs (electric vehicles), and FCVs (fuel-cell vehicles).

IHI Group aims to develop technologies that are "Social Issues Oriented and Customer-Oriented." We are working together to create new value by working together with our customers to address these social and customer issues head-on.

For internal combustion engines, we have developed the RHZ-series turbocharger, which reduces CO2 emissions without compromising rated engine output or dynamic system response. In this development, we applied optimized design utilizing model-based development (Model Based Development: MBDs) in addition to limiting design utilizing analysis technology, which is a pile of long-accumulated know-how, to realize a high-performance, lightweight and compact design.

For FCVs, we also commercialized an oil-free electric turbocharger (ETC) in 2018 and supplied it for passenger cars. IHI has been continuously developing air supply equipment for fuel cell systems for about 20 years, including FCV and stationary power generation, and has commercialized it. As product development beyond our previous business fields, we are working to develop ultra-high-speed, high-output motors by integrating our high-speed rotary machinery technologies accumulated in the fields of vehicle turbochargers and aircraft engines, with our power electronics technologies accumulated in the industrial field.

By striving to develop new markets based on vehicular turbochargers, we will contribute to the realization of a sustainable mobility society, and also to the realization of a carbon-neutral society through technologies related to hydrogen and fuel cells.

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