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Business History


As the world changes, we have been considering and working on what we can do to contribute to society with technology.
IHI will continue to create a society where nature and technology are in harmony.

Era of Output Power Competition
1959 The first turbocharger for automobiles was released.
1962 Established Ishikawajima Mass-Produced Machinery (currently IHI Turbo) in Nagano Prefecture,
which later played the role of the mother factory in global expansion.
1980 Started turbocharger production in the U.S., entering the market with the highest rate
of turbocharged engine at the time.
1982 Started full-scale mass production of 10,000 units per month for turbochargers for passenger vehicle
gasoline engines.
1985 Variable geometry turbochargers (variable twin-scroll type for passenger cars and swing vane type
for commercial trucks) was adopted.
1988 Ultra-high temperature, high pressure ratio turbocharger for Formula 1 (F1) contributed
to Constructors' Championship for 3 consecutive years.

Era of compliance with environmental regulations
1994 Started turbocharer production in Italy to meet diesel turbocharging
needs for European environmental regulations.
1997 Started turbocharger production in China to prepare for the expansion of motorization.
1999 Launched swing vane type variable geometry turbocharger for diesel engines
with common rail fuel injection system.
2002 Started turbocharger production in Thailand, localizing production for diesel engines for 1t pickup trucks.
2003 Launched new variable geometry turbocharger, contributing to global warming countermeasures
since 2000s.
2003 Established a factory in Changchun, China, later developed into a central factory responsible for Chinese
production for global projects of major automobile manufacturers.

Full-scale measures against global warming
2007 Launched a supercharger with electric motor for fuel cell vehicles (FCV).
2008 Established second European factory in Germany to expand supply for downsizing gasoline
engines in the European market.
2008 Established a factory in Wuxi, China, and started responding to the engine turbocharging needs
of Chinese local automobile manufacturers.
2010 In response to the regional expansion of the turbocharged engine market, IHI stepped up
full-scale global production.
2011 Started providing prototypes of electric motor assisted turbocharger that improves engine torque response
by motor assist turbocharging.
2014 Established Clover Turbo (currently IHI Turbo Service) and started full-scale aftermarket business.

Towards carbon neutrality
2016 Complied with new fuel economy standards in line with WLTP
with turbochargers for right-sizing engines.
2018 Launched oil-free electric turbocharger (ETC) for fuel cell vehicles (FCV).
2019 Completed development of new generation turbocharger RHZ series.
2019 Nominated for high temperature gasoline engine applications
with newly developed variable geometry turbocharger

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