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ESG (Carbon Neutral)

IHI is working to solve various issues toward the realization of carbon neutrality in 2050. Among them, vehicular turbocharger business has started the following specific activities with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in production activities by 50% in 2030 compared to FY2019.

Vehicular Turbocharger Business Unit Midium-and Long-Term Activities for Reducing CO2 Emissions by 50% in FY2030

Reduction items Contents of implementation
Further promotion of
energy saving
Renewal of plant compressor and air conditioner unit, high-efficiency energy saving, installation of consumption monitors
Use of LEDs for lighting and improvements in efficiency (plants, office buildings, warehouses, exterior lights, etc.)
Activities to prevent air leaks from equipment and piping
Promotion of electrification Electrification of on-premises vehicles
Introduction of EnMS Introduction of Energy Management System (visualization of electric power, automated control of lights and air conditioning)
Introduction of
renewable energy equipment
Examine rental plan of solar panel roof
Introduction of new process Promote introduction of high-efficiency and energy-saving items to production equipment.
Promotion of R&D work related to streamlining of development process.
Change in evaluation process and reduction in combustion system test by shifting to electrified products.
Independent activities
by group companies
Encourage application of renewable energy and green gas (in areas where its usage is advantageous)

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