IHI Corporation Vehicular Turbocharger

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Executive Officer of IHI Corporation, 
Vice President of Industrial Systems & General-Purpose Machinery Business Area,
General Manager of Vehicular Turbocharger Business Unit
 Kazuhiro Onitsuka

Vehicular turbocharger business supported by IHI technology

The root of IHI vehicular turbocharger traces back the history of rotational machinery development in the lineage of “Monozukuri” for shipbuilding as a cornerstone. Starting with steam turbines, we have refined the turbocharging technology through manufacturing of turbochargers for maritime engines and have passed on to the development and manufacturing of turbochargers for vehicles. Various platform technologies of IHI such as material engineering, tribology, rotor dynamics, aero performance development, and reliability engineering are all integrated in turbochargers. Based on these advanced technological capabilities, we have constantly developed technologies that meet the demands of the time and have released them as new products. We believe that our basic policies and fundamental technologies will continue to support products of IHI even in the coming era.

Towards the future

Now, the world is moving toward future carbon-neutral society. The powertrains that drive cars have changed. Hybrid engines that integrates electric technology with conventional engine technologies, hydrogen fueled engines, fuel cells, and e-fuel that can utilize existing engine technology are under development as effective means. In addition, electric vehicles that use green electric power obtained from renewable energy will become more widespread. I expect that the optimum technology will be adopted and developed in each region from now on. We would like to continue to contribute to the realization of these various technical requirements by refining the core technologies as the basis and introducing new technologies as necessary. IHI will continue to be a company that “contributes to the development of society through technology.”

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