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Business Overview

IHI Corporation Vehicular Turbocharger SBU develops, produces and sells turbochargers and superchargers globally. IHI have been delivering to major automobile manufacturers in Japan and overseas, and we have a product lineup that meets a variety of the market needs. The turbocharger is a key technology that contributes to the reduction of environmental impact, as it can reuse the heat and pressure of the recovered exhaust gas and charge compressed air into the engine to improve the power output. The supercharger operates on the crankshaft of the engine as power source, so supercharging is possible even at low rpm. IHI mass-produced screw-type superchargers for the first time in the world, supplying them not only for automobiles but also for marine engines.

In recent years, in order to respond to ever-changing needs for a carbon-neutral society, we have been advancing development so that we can provide technology that meets various powertrains. For example, IHI has been delivering Electric Turbochargers (ETC) for fuel cell systems to vehicles on the market since 2018.

More than half a century has already passed since IHI has started turbochargers mass production for vehicles, and the total number of units produced worldwide over 100 million units. We have established a global business structure with bases in North America, Europe, China, Thailand, in addition to those in Japan. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by meeting the diversifying needs of our customers with IHI Group’s wide range of advanced technological capabilities and our meticulous response capabilities.

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