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Approach to Human Rights

The IHI Group formulated the IHI Group Human Rights Policy in December 2020 based on its management philosophy and its approach to human rights outlined in the Basic Code of Conduct for the IHI Group under the approval of the Board of Directors.
In IHI Group ESG Management, the Group has identified respecting human rights as one of its most material issues. Through human rights awareness activities based on international standards, the Group will fulfill its responsibility to respect human rights of all by fostering a respectful corporate culture and promoting human rights throughout its business activities.

IHI Group Human Rights Policy

The IHI Group recognizes and contributes to solving global issues based on group management philosophies of “Contribute to the development of society through technology” and “Human resources are our single most valuable asset”. As the basis of this activity, we have established the “IHI Group Human Rights Policy” in line with the Basic Code of Conduct for the IHI Group. Through human rights awareness activities based on international standards, we will fulfill our responsibility to respect the human rights of all by fostering a respectful corporate culture and promoting human rights throughout our business activities.


  1. This policy applies to all officers and employees engaged in IHI Group business (hereinafter "Officers and Employees”) .
  2. We will account for the Human Rights of all people in the course of our business activities.
  3. We will request our suppliers and business partners to understand this policy and respect human rights.

(Compliance with international standards, laws and regulations, Basic Code, etc. )

  1. We support and respect international standards for human rights (e.g. the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights) and will act progressively in line with these standards.
  2. In the countries and regions where we conduct our business, we will strive to respect international standards while upholding the laws and regulations of those countries or regions.
  3. We always act in accordance with the Basic Code of Conduct for the IHI Group.

(Human rights awareness promotion structure and human rights due diligence)

  1. We will establish a system to systematically and continuously promote human rights awareness and will work proactively to resolve human rights issues.
  2. We will develop a structure to understand and assess human rights risks and to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of our commitment (human rights due diligence) and implement continuously.
  3. When a potential or actual human rights risk is assessed or confirmed, we will promptly take corrective and preventive measures through appropriate procedures.

We will provide our Officers and Employees with appropriate training continuously so that actions based on this policy will be implemented throughout our business activities.

(Dialogue and consultation, information disclosure)

  1. We will maintain continuous dialogue and consultations with relevant stakeholders on the set of actions set forth in this policy.
  2. We will periodically disclose information about our efforts and results on respect for human rights.

December 10, 2020
Hiroshi Ide
President and Chief Operating Officer
IHI Corporation


Human Rights Awareness Promotion Framework

We established the IHI Group Human Rights Committee as a Group-wide committee responsible for the “S” part of the ESG Management Promotion Committee. The Committee plans and deliberates important policies and promotes initiatives related to human rights. The Committee is chaired by the Officer in charge of Human Resources and comprised of members from corporate divisions and business areas. Details of important initiatives are deliberated in the ESG Management Promotion Committee and reported to the Board of Directors as necessary.
We established a Task Team* under the IHI Group Human Rights Committee as the body to promote human rights initiatives in cooperation with related divisions and staff in charge of human rights at Group companies.

Task Team: Comprised of members from the Human Resources Div., Procurement Strategy Planning Div., Corporate Communication Div., Project Risk Management Div., Corporate Planning Div., Legal Div., and Marketing & Sales Headquarters

IHI Group Human Rights Committee

Chairperson Officer in charge of Group Human Resources
Members President of each business area, General Manager of Procurement Strategy Planning, General Manager of Technology & Intelligence Integration, General Manager of Business Development Headquarters, General Manager of Intelligent Information Management Headquarters, General Manager of Marketing & Sales Headquarters, General Manager of Secretariat Div., General Manager of Economic Security Div., General Manager of Corporate Planning Div., General Manager of Corporate Communication Div., General Manager of Legal Div., General Manager of Administration Div., General Manager of Finance & Accounting Div., General Manager of Project Risk Management Div., and General Manager of Human Resources Div.
Number of meetings convened in FY2022 3

Education/Awareness Building

Human rights is one of the four material issues of ESG management, and we are working to educate and spread awareness at each level.

Grade-based education

In December 2022, we held an executive-level study session for Officers led by an outside specialist with the participation of Directors, Executive Officers, and Standing Audit & Supervisory Board Members. The study session was designed to create understanding of how companies are connected to stakeholders, especially civic society, and how this can benefit management.
Each year, e-learning training on the topics of respect for human rights and harassment prevention are also conducted for new employees and newly appointed Managers.

E-learning conducted at Group companies inside and outside Japan

In fiscal 2022, we conducted the Business and Human Rights e-learning program (translated into 20 languages) for all IHI Group Officers and employees inside and outside Japan to have everyone who works at the IHI Group learn how to frame business and human rights and deepen their understanding.

Messages from the President issued on international days

In fiscal 2022, the President issued messages to promote the importance of respect for human rights and gender equality to IHI Group employees inside and outside Japan on Human Rights Day (December 10, 2022) and on International Women’s Day (March 8, 2023).

Number of Human Rights Training Participants

(Unit: People)

Item FY2022
Participants Targets
Business and Human Rights
28,021 IHI and affiliated companies in and outside Japan
e-learning: Harassment 24,883 IHI and affiliated companies in Japan
Training for new employees and mid-career recruits 98 IHI
Selective human rights training 576 IHI

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