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Work-style and Operational Process Reforms


The IHI Group believes that it is essential to provide a workplace that responds to diversification of work values as well as improve productivity within the entire organization.
Moreover, as work is a part of each employee’s life, the Group believes that while the workplace is a place for self-fulfillment through respect, empathy, and ability to grow, it is also a place where each person can do their job while leading a healthy life that is necessary for human resources to engage in career autonomy and play an active role.


The IHI Group established the Smart Work Empowerment Division in April 2021 in an effort to create new work styles (smart work) and aimed to achieve Group growth alongside fulfilling employee lifestyles and growth. Working in collaboration with related divisions across the IHI Group has led to an awareness of and initiatives for work-style reforms taking root throughout the organization.
The organization was altered in April of fiscal 2023 in order to further expand the knowledge gained and the initiatives implemented by the Smart Work Empowerment Division. We have incorporated previous operations into the Human Resources Division and the Corporate Planning Division, and have enhanced the promotion structure for both work-style reform and operational process reform.

Education/Awareness Building

The IHI Group has established a mechanism for systematic exchange of opinions and dialogue throughout the whole Group. Senior management, managers, and personal affairs divisions work together to promote everything from the mutual exchange of management intentions and employee awareness to maintaining a work environment that unifies individual career development motivation, willingness to contribute to the organization, and management direction.
We have started workshops targeting all Group employees regarding Group Management Policies 2023 (including ESG management) and human resource strategies, and are using this as a platform for the aforesaid actions.


Promotion of Diverse Work Styles

The IHI Group strives to realize work-life balance to achieve a work-friendly environment where every employee can find balance between their personal and professional lives. We offer programs and systems for everyone working at IHI to take actions proactively.
Some employees have side jobs and businesses while others enter into career challenge and selective training programs. This corporate climate is motivating and offers each person a way to find a work style matching their unique values. Various initiatives endeavor to enhance internal communications through engagement efforts, shift to online work formats and remote communications, and to inspire ideas by improving productivity.

Creating New Working Styles (Smart Work)

Until fiscal 2022, the IHI Group focused on improving productivity through various activities so that each organization and individual could concentrate on high-value work. In addition, IHI has ramped up efforts to build communities to inspire sustainable creation of new value and innovation and to revitalize interactions between human resources.
In the future, based on the above initiatives, we will come together as a place for self-actualization where diverse and autonomous human resources can respect each other, empathize, and grow, and live a healthy life. We will consider and take measures to naturally boost the willingness to contribute to the Group.

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