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Toyosu Energy Service Co., Ltd.

Rio Tinto

Toyosu Energy Service Co., Ltd. (TESCO) is regional energy supplier that operates Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) system to supply electricity to Toyosu IHI Building and to supply thermal energy to Toyosu IHI Building and Campus of Shibaura Institute of Technology, located at Toyosu 3-chome area, in Tokyo.

Variable Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) system and utilization system of the steam pressure difference, Toyosu IHI Building


TESCO's Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) system is IM270-IHI-FLECS as variable heat and power system model, which utilizes excess steam effectively for power generation. Also, it realized further energy saving by converting the thermal energy at the pressure differential between inlet and outlet into mechanial energy with back pressure steam turbine in order to recovering the thermal energy of excess steam.
The CHP (COGEN) system was constituted of steam heat source system (including smoke tube boilers and once-through boilers), thermal energy utilization system (including high efficient steam driven absorption refrigerator, ice thermal storage system using night-time electricity power and water thermal storage system using excess steam) and other high efficient equipments.

Installed gas turbine



Model IM270 IHI-FLECS × 1 unit × 1 unit
Power output 2,500 kW
Supply steam flow 6.0 t/h
Steam turbine 75 kW
Fuel City gas
Start of operation 2006

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