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What is Gas Turbine Combined Cycle?

Gas turbine combined cycle is one of the plant system models, especially IHI always develops Gas Turbine Combined Cycle (GTCC) installed with aero-derivative gas turbine.
IHI has so many project experiences of Gas Turbine Combined Cycle in Japan and Thailand.
In Japan, IHI offered GTCC power plant systems to Independent Power Producer (IPP) and Power Producer and Supplier for receiving power peak shaving operation, in other words, peak-cut. Most of GTCC power plants are operated as Daily Start and Stop (DSS) operation or Weekly Start and Stop (WSS) operation.
In Thailand, IHI offered GTCC power plant systems to Small Power Producer (SPP). The government of Thailand supports the developments of renewable electricity, combined heat and power (cogeneration) and other unconventional electricity.
SPPs always supply not only electricity to EGAT but also steam to the customer in the area of industrial park.

What Is Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) based on Gas Turbine?

IHI offers Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system installed with aeroderivative gas turbine, such as LM6000 series and LM2500 series manufactured by GE. Combined gas turbine power plant with Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG), CHP (COGEN) system can generate both electricity power and steam.
Aeroderivative gas turbines are characterized by their high efficiencies and high levels of reliability as well as by their ability to be maintained easily due to being able to replace modules and engines easily, which grants them flexibility in supporting different operating modes.

Power System Lineup

LM6000 Series

With their high reliability and best-in-class power generation efficiencies, the LM6000 Series models continue to be some of the best-selling gas turbines in the world.

LM2500 Series

The LM2500 Series boasts some of the top power generating efficiencies in the world. These models can be started up and shut down at rapid speed utilizing the aircraft engine technology used in their design. Able to support both gas fuels and liquid fuels, they are also lightweight, compact in size, and easy to maintain.

IM270 Series

The IM270 Series models are Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) gas turbines with high reliability that are friendly to human and the environment and provide both high performance and low levels of NOx emissions. The IHI-original variable heat and power IHI-FLECS systems are also available with IM270 Series models.

Fast Power 40™
Gas Turbine Package

Based on the proven LM6000 aero-derivative gas turbine technology,
the Fast Power 40™ Gas Turbine Package delivers 41MW of fast, flexible, and sustainable mobile power for your demanding business needs.

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