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Solution System Example

This section describes solution system examples to maximize customer benefits.

LNG Satellite System

LNG satellite system is a system and facility designed to allow to supply natural gas outside of the area of the city gas supply district.

GT/GE Combined System

GT/GE combined system is system for energy saving, combined with multiple engines with various different characteristics and features, like as gas turbine power plant and gas engine power plant.

Reheating System

Reheating system is additional energy system installed with duct burner at the upstream of heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) for increasing steam flow (or increaing steam temperature and pressure) with reheating the steam of HRSG by boosting the thermal energy input, in case that normal HRSG equiped with gas turbine plant system could not generate enough steam flow recovered from thermal energy of high temperature GT exhaust gas.

Cold Thermal Energy Storage System

Cold Thermal Energy Storage System is a system for energy utilization of unutilized thermal energy generated at gas turbine power plant system as cold thermal energy. Combined with hot thermal energy storage system, untilized thermal energy of gas turbine power plant can be utilized in all seasons.

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